Monday, 27 February 2012

 Once upon a time Elizabeth Dale dreamed of being a writer, but maybe because the wicked fairy wasn’t invited to her christening, she was led astray into the strange, confusing world of studying for a physics degree and managing the health service. Finally she came to her senses and began her writing career  labouring on a portable typewriter with keys that jammed, battling with re-writes, tippex and carbon paper to produce her big novel  that no-one wanted to publish. Vowing never again to spend so much effort writing something nobody wanted to publish, she bought a computer and quickly progressed to writing teenage and adult magazine fiction, which both shared the same major attractions – they were much shorter and far more fun.  After her three daughters were born, she was re-introduced to the amazing world of children’s books which, as well as being short and even more fun to write, came with the wonderful bonus of allowing her to stop pretending to be grown up and stay a child at heart.
Her three daughters have now grown up and one of them - Katie Dale - is a children's author, too.
Elizabeth lives in rural West Sussex, where she sits with her laptop keeping her knees warm and looks out at the garden, letting her imagination run riot, exploring the child within and trying never to grow old.
She has had over 1600 stories (teenage and adult) published all over the world, and has had  28 children's books published/commissioned. 

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  1. Hi Elizabeth
    My name is Jay and I am a collector of vintage magazine short story fiction. I really loved the Mini Mystery stories you wrote for Bella magazine back in the 1980s and 1990s which is a particular favourite of mine. To help me complete my collection I don't suppose you have a record of your published stories for Bella as I'm trying to fill in my gaps?
    If you can help in any way I'd be so grateful. Please email me direct on
    With all best wishes
    Jay Mackie